Rhoads, a new band from Hamburg Germany

Rhoads lead their audience down a path through the intimate scenery of their nimble melancholic pop world. Though listeners like to draw comparisons to artists like James Blake, Radiohead or Esbjörn Svensson Trio, something new emerges: they blend solace and confusion, impulsiveness and severity into an unheard of mixture. Hovering above the music are Frieder Hepting’s delicate, crystal clear vocals, carried by his atmospheric chords on the keys. Peter Voigtmann broadens the spectrum with electronic sounds and his elaborate beats. The foundation is laid by Daniel Stritzke's powerful bass playing and his skills as a producer. 

In concert they impress with the emotional honesty of their perfomance, augmented by sometimes subtle, sometimes prominent use of electronics. Their first release is scheduled for the beginning of next year.

The story of Rhoads begins in rural Bavaria, where Peter and Frieder have their first musical encounters. Together they move to Hamburg, only to go their seperate ways for the time being. Frieder is becoming more and more successful scoring theatrical productions: small student shows soon lead to bigger, more time consuming productions at prestigious houses like the Thalia Theater Hamburg. Peter tours the world with „The Ocean Collective“, starts to establish himself as a drummer and delves deep into Ambient Music and electronic sound design. Meanwhile Daniel completes his studies in Jazz Double Bass at theHamburg conservatory, plays Germany’s biggest stages as a sideman for pop acts and earns his first merits as a producer.

Finally the three paths merge after Frieder unexpectedly wins the „Krach und Getöse“ competition in Hamburg. Encouraged by the acknowledgement he sets out to find likeminded musicians to work on his material with. Being introduced by a mutual friend, Daniel joins immediately after hearing Frieder’s demos. Having Peter complete the trio is not only the natural choice because of Frieder and his past but also musically in